The Great Aspects of Pharmacy Technician Salary

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It is important to tackle first what a pharmacy technician is. Basically, a pharmacy technician performs the clerical, administrative and pharmacy-related services in which he or she is being trained and administered by a pharmacist. To simplify things, the task of a pharmacy technician is to assist the pharmacist.

The main factor that has to do a lot with the topic of our site:

Sufficient Salary

Pharmacy technician wages

Pharmacy techs will certainly expect that they will acquire high payments because their academics are very relevant to the health care industry like nursing. In an hour, the average pharmacy technician salary is $11 each hour and $25,986 average pay a year. Just like any other jobs, you can also make more money in this field through bonuses, overtime wages, commissions, and other types of monetary earnings.

Listed below are the top five reasons why you need to choose the career of a pharmacy technician.

Wonderful Career Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that the statistics of the employment of pharmacy technicians will rise in 10 years. The projection analysis above is based on the increase of the number of older individuals who will need treatments and pharmaceutical services. There is a 32% increase in the employment of pharmacy technicians due further enhancements through research in pharmacology.

Painless Training

If you have already learned how to become a pharmacy technician, you’ve probably notices that they don’t require substantial educational background given that they can get the experience and ideas during the training. Due to the career trends these days, it is suggested for you to complete a secondary pharmacy tech program in order for you to gain greater opportunities. Pharmacy tech trainings are usually available in community colleges and vocational schools.

Adjustable Work Schedule

Big hospitals and pharmacies run 24/7. The good thing is that pharmacy techs can pick the working schedule that appropriate for their needs. If you have important things to do during daytime, you can request a special shift such as mid shift or night shift.

Wonderful Career Opportunities

Pharmacy techs will work in such various work places. By doing so, you will surely have greater opportunities that you have been yearning for. You can work in a local drugstore as a pharmacy aide and later on look for a job in a large hospital. You can also make some advancement in your education if you want to be a pharmacist, a nurse or even a medical doctor. If you want to become a pharmacist, make sure to keep up with one of the toughest branches of medicine. To be able to compete globally, be sure that you get the very best hands on experience.